When it comes to traveling, the right gear can make or break the experience. While packing lists will vary depending on the destination and duration of travel, there are some basic accessories that every traveler should have. From luggage to keep everything organized and packed neatly to a carry-on bag to avoid overweight baggage fees, these useful travel accessories are guaranteed to help make any trip that much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Some of the best travel items that any seasoned traveler will swear by include:

A backpack or duffel bag large enough to fit all of their stuff. Packing  cubes or travel organizers to help them stay organized and reduce bulk. Travel pillows or blankets to make long flights more comfortable. A travel guidebook for their destination or an ebook version to save space and weight. A travel document wallet to keep important documents like passports and identification cards organized and safe.

Another essential accessory is a travel Explore our collection of travel essentials! towel that is lightweight and fits easily in their bag. Having a travel towel also means never having to worry about running out of towels at hotels or being forced to buy overpriced ones in the airport. Plus, a microfiber travel towel is easy to clean and can be used in any climate.

For those that travel regularly, a portable power bank is one of the best travel essentials to have on hand. Investing in a battery bank that charges quickly and is tamper proof can make getting through long travel days a breeze. A power bank like this Loveledi Travel Powerbank is highly recommended by travelers and will help anyone stay charged on any journey.

Keeping hydrated is important while traveling, so having a good reusable water bottle is a must. If you want to gift someone a water bottle that’s both durable and lightweight, check out this Takeya option. It’s a great way to help the environment and is the perfect companion for hikes and long train rides.

A pair of earbuds or wireless headphones is another must-have accessory to have when traveling. Not only are they convenient, but a quality pair will let the traveler listen to their favorite tunes on the go and block out any annoying noise from fellow passengers.

Other practical travel accessories are a safety whistle to signal for help in an emergency, a doorstop for the hotel room, and a luggage tag that helps to prevent bags from being stolen or misplaced.

Travelers often have a lot on their plate when they’re visiting new places, so it’s essential to prepare as well as possible to be able to relax and enjoy the experience. The right travel accessories can be the difference between a stress-free trip and a chaotic one, so be sure to shop our collection for all your holiday gift needs!