Causes And Remedies of Migraines.

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It is common for one to have a headache if they are stressed or after a long day of work. A headache can be fixed with the help of a few painkillers. However, sometimes one might not have a regular headache. They might feel intense pounding of the head such that they cannot think clearly. This is a migraine headache.

Most of the time, a person that has migraines will experience nausea or vomiting and will be disoriented. Sometimes one might experience partial blindness, such that the pain makes them see distorted images. When one gets a migraine, it is important that they rest or get some sleep. This usually makes the pain go away. If sleep does not work, it is then time to try medicine.

Causes of migraines are sometimes related to medicine. In most women, migraines can be due to hormonal changes in the body. Most women going through menopause are most likely to get migraines. Another cause to migraines is excess stress and lack of sleep. There are also certain foods that may cause some people to get migraines. When one smokes too much then stops suddenly, they are also at a risk of getting migraines, as well as people who take too much coffee then go for a while without it.

One can treat migraines using over the counter drugs. You can also get your doctor to conduct some tests and see why you are getting the migraines. It is advisable for one to get medical advice if they get frequent migraines that are intense. If the migraine takes more than a few hours to heal, then this is also cause to see a doctor. If the migraine is accompanied by fainting or paralysis, a doctor should be seen immediately to ensure that there is no damage to the head.

ache-19005_960_720If one gets frequent migraines, they should stop doing strenuous activity and avoid stressful situation. The same goes for anyone who gets migraines from food. These foods should be avoided as much as possible. Those that get migraines from stopping smoking abruptly can get nicotine patches to help with it. As for those that get affected when they have not had caffeine, their caffeine intake should be limited, but not all at once as this could cause the migraine to be worse.

If one gets migraines when at home, they should rest. Sufficient sleep is crucial in stopping the migraines. Apart from that, intense exercises can often make prone to migraines. Thus, they need to slow down on the exercises and eat healthier foods.

When at home, one can also treat migraines without the use of medicine. Applying pressure with a cold cloth with help stop the pounding. In addition to that one can also stay in a quiet place that does not have too much noise as this can make the migraine worse.

Sometimes, one may get migraines if they do not eat regularly. As such, it is important that one eats healthy foods regularly as well as a sufficient amount of water.