A moving company is a business that helps customers relocate their belongings from one location to another. These companies can provide packing, unpacking, loading and transporting services. Some companies also offer warehousing and storage. They can be locally-owned, franchises of a national company, or independent. Many mover companies offer a range of perks to attract customers, including free storage, real-time GPS tracking, and supplemental insurance. Customers should research moving companies before hiring them to ensure they are licensed, reputable and offer competitive pricing.

Some tips for choosing a moving company¬†moving company in Centennial include calling several potential options and asking detailed questions. It’s a good idea to ask about their cancellation policy, particularly how close to the actual move date they will allow customers to cancel. Additionally, customers should make sure they understand the difference between set pricing and hourly rates. Finally, customers should inquire about the type of equipment that each company will use and whether it is able to provide packing for fragile items.

Most states require moving companies to be licensed. This often includes having an active USDOT number and motor carrier (MC) number. These numbers can be searched online to determine if a moving company is legitimate. If a company has no current license or is operating under multiple business names, it’s best to avoid them.

In addition to licensing, movers must be insured and bonded. This protects consumers in the event of an accident during transit or if property is lost or stolen. Customers should request copies of these documents before the start of the move. Additionally, customers should be aware that federal regulations prohibit movers from making statements in their contracts and bills of lading that limit their liability for damage or loss of property.

During the quoting process, customers should ask about cancellation policies and deposit amounts. Most movers will charge some form of deposit to reserve their service, which can be a flat rate or a percentage of the total cost of the move. Typically, this will be disclosed during the quoting process or immediately after.

It’s important to note that moving companies are usually busier during the summer and on weekends and holidays, so customers should plan accordingly and try to move during these times if possible. They should also be prepared to pay more for these moves because of the higher demand and limited availability.

Full-service movers are the most common, and they will handle everything from packing to transporting and unpacking. They can also provide onsite assistance during the move and provide temporary storage if needed. They will often have different packages for customers to choose from based on their needs, and they can even provide moving containers for international moves.