Predator 3500

The Predator 3500 watt generator is a portable power source. The 115-pound model weighs less than two hundred pounds and the 220-pound model is heavy enough to carry on a small plane. This model also has a wheel kit to make it easier to move from one location to another. This portable power source is not the cheapest portable generator on the market but has received good reviews from consumers.

The Predator 3500 is equipped with sound-insulating panels and is remarkably quiet for its size. Its larger engine also contributes to the quietness, as noise levels are as low as 57 dBA when running at 25% load. Its fuel tank is also large, allowing it to last for years and need less frequent refills. However, this generator does not come with free oil. It has a 20-ounce oil reservoir.

Champion 200986

If you’re considering buying a portable generator, the Champion Power Equipment 100692 is a lightweight option. It’s an excellent choice for basic RV power and backup power. It’s not recommended for home backup, however. It weighs 39 pounds, making it one of the lightest inverter generators on the market.

This generator produces 4000 starting and 3500 running watts of electricity, giving you plenty of power to run essential appliances during power outages. It comes with a 224cc engine and a 120V/60Hz output. With 3500 watt genny an operating time of 12 hours at half load, it’s enough power to run your lights, refrigerator, freezer, television, and more. It also has enough capacity to recharge your devices.

Generac IQ3500

The Generac iQ3500 Portable Inverter Generator is a lightweight, durable generator that provides power where you need it. It has been designed for portability and features a PowerDial that integrates start, run, and stop functions into one dial for easy operation. It also features Electric Start.

This generator is nearly ready to use right out of the box. To get started, open the front access panel and connect the wiring. Then, open the side panel and fill the unit with gas or 10W-30 oil. Be aware that the fuel may contain ethanol, so be sure to read the instructions and follow them carefully.

Generac 63584

When you need a portable generator to power your RV, a 3500 watt Generac 63584 may be exactly what you need. This generator can power a variety of appliances, including a refrigerator and freezer. Depending on the amount of appliances that need to run at once, a 3500 watt Generac can provide enough power to keep you and your family warm and comfortable.

This gasoline-powered generator has a push-button electric start and electronically controlled motor. It also includes a 30 amp RV/marine outlet, which is perfect for powering electronics and batteries.