A Christian school is a educational institution that seeks to educate children in a way that is consistent with biblical principles and values. It focuses on teaching students to glorify God in all that they do and think, with a view toward the practical application of their faith in everyday life. It also seeks to promote a high standard of academic achievement by requiring that all teachers be qualified by means other than State certification; by offering a curriculum that is broad in scope and comprehensive in approach; by providing the best textbooks; by establishing classroom discipline that is conducive to learning; and by promoting every activity that is designed to foster the intellectual development of the student.

A central theme of a Beaverton Christian School is that the mind, talents and abilities of the student are Christ’s and belong to Him for His purposes. The school seeks to develop these gifts for His glory in such a way as to be of maximum service to Him, to His church and His kingdom. This is a major reason why students from Christian schools consistently out-perform their public school counterparts in standardized tests, and are better prepared for college upon graduation.

The educational program of a Christian school is based on the biblical principle that “the whole counsel of God is revealed in Scripture, and by Scripture alone.” This fundamental principle governs the selection of curriculum materials; the selection of teaching methods and techniques; the determination of standards of student performance; and the evaluation of student progress. It provides a framework for all educational activities and decisions, allowing the school to maintain a consistency in academic instruction regardless of changes in personnel, administration or teaching philosophy.

Another important aspect of a Christian school is that it seeks to inculcate in students a biblical worldview and an appreciation for the God-given resources that are available in the natural environment. This is accomplished through the integration of a Christian perspective in all subjects: In science classes, students learn to see God’s handiwork in the laws of nature; in music classes, they study how to glorify God with their talents; and in physical education, they learn how to serve Him by setting an example on the field as well as off.

In addition, Christian schools promote family unity by encouraging parents to become fully involved in their child’s education. This is especially beneficial for lower-income kids from unstable families who desperately need the spiritual and moral support that a Christian school can provide. It can be a lifeline out of the cycle of family instability and on to a more secure future. In addition to providing a safe environment where children can thrive, Christian schools offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities including sports, drama, art and music. They even offer a retreat for upper school students at a Young Life-owned camp each fall. All of this is backed by a strong commitment to Christian discipleship and spiritual leadership.