Founded in 1999, Techradar has been a leading technology website that offers reviews of the latest gadgets and software. In addition to product reviews, the site also offers tech news and how-to guides. As a result of its popularity, the website has been licensed in many countries, including Australia and India. However, the site is not without its flaws.

Techradar is owned by Future plc, the sixth largest publisher in the UK. Its editorial staff is located in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. The site’s reviews are often short on specifics, but do include an Amazon affiliate link, which enables readers to browse deals for a specific device.

The site also features an interactive Technology Radar, which explains the current and future state of the technology landscape. The site allows readers to filter by category, dimension, or score. The page is fully interactive, including a pop-up video. It also contains a button to invite visitors to add new content.

The Technology Radar isn’t just about highlighting the coolest tech gadgets, it also serves as a useful tool for assessing your portfolio. The page allows you to easily visualize technology stacks and find blind spots. It can also help you avoid headaches when it comes to your organization’s architecture. It’s no secret that making decisions related to technology can be overwhelming. With Techradar the right tools, you can avoid wasting time and money on technology that’s either unnecessary or simply won’t work.

The site also contains a Platforms page, which allows you to browse a variety of available platforms. You can also search for specific technologies and explore funding opportunities. In addition, the site has its own ecommerce software, which enables users to purchase products through the site. In Q4 2017, Techradar made it into the top 100 of Similarweb’s US Media Publications rankings.

The site has a few spin-offs, including a tech blog and an ecommerce site. It’s also been experimenting with affiliate links. It’s been reported that the site made over $52 million in e-commerce sales last year. This is one part of the company’s diversification strategy.

The site is also the first to make use of a new software called Datarade. The site taps into a database of 250 million products, and updates prices three times a day. It automatically generates TechRadar listings. It also includes a search bar and a menu to change settings. The site’s review of the iPhone isn’t the best, however. In fact, the article, titled “Apple is the future of gaming” isn’t particularly accurate.

The site also boasts a couple of other features, including the first ecommerce comparison service, which allows shoppers to easily browse deals for a variety of mobile devices. In addition, the site has its own video, which can be removed or viewed at a later time.

The site also has a setting menu, which allows you to filter by category, dimension, or score. There’s also a button to invite visitors to add new, unbiased content.