The elementary years are a critical time for children, when they form their identity. Their teachers, coaches, and classmates shape who they become in the future. A Christian school offers a unique opportunity for students to develop a solid understanding of how biblical truth influences all aspects of their lives. It empowers students to be world changers through academic excellence, athletic distinction, artistic expression, and social engagement.

A Christian elementary school should be both a safe haven and a place where children are challenged to grow academically and spiritually. This is accomplished by setting high standards for both achievement and behavior. Students are taught to respect and honor authority, from the president to local policemen, and to obey the laws of the land. In addition, the very instruction in a Christian school should tend to influence children’s attitudes and values.

Parents send their children to school to be educated, but they also want them to be happy and secure. A Christian elementary school provides a safe environment where students can learn to respect each other, as well as themselves. It teaches them that God has created each of them with unique gifts and talents. This means that they can find their place in society by focusing on what they are good at, instead of worrying about what they are bad at.

Education has been a controversial topic for Christians over the years, with many Christian schools opening and closing due to changes in public education. One of the biggest issues has been the removal of prayer and Bible reading in public schools. These changes have been caused by the Supreme Court and have led to a rise in secular humanism, which is not based on biblical principles. Christian schools offer a refuge from the increasing secularization of America’s public schools.

Starting a Christian elementary school requires plenty of research and preparation. It is important to seek guidance from the Lord throughout this process, especially when you determine your philosophy of education and set your purpose. Then, he will guide you to the right leadership and teachers. It is also necessary to work out any potential conflicts with state and local officials before you open the doors to your new Christian school.

Obtaining a license to operate your Christian school is an important step in the process. Check with your state’s educational association or your denominational organization to see what is required in your area. It is also vital to find a location for the school, and decide on the classroom equipment you will need. This could include everything from books and curriculum to whiteboards and desks. You can raise money for these items by holding fundraisers, taking a collection at your church, or soliciting donations from sponsors.

Choose a curriculum that aligns with your Christian school’s philosophy. Make sure it is comprehensive, allowing you to teach all subjects from a Christian perspective. You should also consider a textbook that is aligned with the Common Core State Standards, as this will help your students to meet academic standards.