truck fenders

Truck Fenders protect your heavy-duty truck, travel trailer, or cab van from rocks and debris, shielding it from possible damage caused by accidents with other vehicles, tree branches, power lines, or street Signs. Truck fenders are specially designed to fit on the front of the truck, protecting the radiator and heater from road debris, and to protect your vehicle from theft. Trucks, SUVs, and vans can be fitted with customized truck fenders as well. Custom truck fenders are created in a variety of materials including aluminum, steel, fiberglass, and plastic, depending on your custom needs. They can be crafted to fit your vehicle perfectly, including all bumpers and tail lights.

If you want a fiberglass custom-made fender, you will first need to take the factory bumpers out and clean them, then install the fiberglass front fender over the existing bumpers and sides. Most fiberglass truck fenders are one piece and made to fit over the entire cab without gaps or holes. Fiberglass truck fenders are also durable, which makes them ideal for rugged road trips and long-distance hauls. They are also easy to repair should there be damage.

For those who need more protection, a two-axle truck fender is a good choice. These truck fenders have one outer bumper and twin inner rails. A single-axle model will fit any pickup with a single axle, but a double-axle model will fit any truck with at least two axles. A double-axle model allows the owner to secure both axles simultaneously while driving the truck.

Some truck fenders are made from high-quality lightweight aluminum, and include integral braiding. Other models are made from high-quality, precision-crafted stainless steel. Semi-truck fenders that are made from aluminum are lightweight, yet extremely durable. Welded-end models provide the most durable finish, as well as the most practical design.

Truck fenders, like other truck parts, may need to be maintained periodically. Metal and plastic parts will rust over time. Certain truck fenders, such as ones made from vinyl, can be painted to protect them from corrosion. There are also special coatings available for trucks that have become stained by salt or water. Specialty paints are available for truck drivers that regularly wash their vehicles, as well.

Drivers need to take extra care when using fenders that are made from heavy-duty equipment. The most important maintenance tips include cleaning with oxygen bleach every time it rains, ensuring that the truck’s wheels are properly inflated, and ensuring that truck fenders are not exposed to wind load or excessive heat. In addition, some truck drivers have found that keeping a can of oil in the engine helps to reduce the buildup of dirt and debris that collects in truck fenders.

When choosing a semi truck fender color, it’s important to consider how the truck will be used. Drivers that use their equipment frequently on rugged terrain will want to choose dark toned fenders that will help them blend in with the surrounding landscape. These darker toned truck fenders will also help prevent paint damage during driving in hilly areas. On the other hand, drivers that tend to drive through more temperate weather climates should choose lighter colored fenders to help their vehicle blend in with the color of the skies and the sun. Semi truck fenders can be an excellent choice for drivers who plan to make long trips or who live in climates where sunlight is more predominant than rain.

Drivers that are looking for truck fenders that they can use in all weather conditions should consider purchasing a fifth wheel kit. A fifth wheel kit can provide the semi truck driver with protection from severe weather elements such as snow, rain, and extreme heat. These durable truck fenders also offer the convenience of being able to easily slide the entire cab forward to allow for better ventilation and airflow.