Pinch valve manufacturers perform continuous load tests on the inner bushing in order to ensure the quality and service life of the product. When achieving optimal control of the inner bushing, the service life of a pinch valve can be greatly increased and even extended by several times. A pinch valve is often a necessary component for the operation of mechanical equipment.

Asco Valves

An Asco Valves rubber pinch valve is an economical and versatile solution for a variety of applications. These valves feature a unique, innovative pinching mechanism that prevents breakage of soft tubing. They also feature a safety guard to protect operators from exposed moving parts. Additionally, a manual override feature makes it easy for operators to insert or remove tubing without actuating the valve. This feature improves safety, lowers costs, and speeds up set-up time.

Series 2000

The Series 2000 rubber pinch valve is a fully enclosed, manually operated valve that is ideal for handling abrasive, corrosive, and tough slurries. Its rubber sleeve provides flexibility in application and is available in a variety of elastomers. It can also be used as a manual throttling control valve and is available in reduced port and funnel configurations.

Series 4400

The Series 4400 rubber pinch valve is a reliable and highly efficient option for a variety of applications. It is available in a range of sizes, including 3/4″ and 1-1/2″ outer diameter. The series features a stainless steel body and a variety of actuator options, including manual with lockout and flow control.

Series 1100

The Series 1100 rubber pinch valve is a highly durable and versatile valve with a simple design. It can withstand high pressures and is virtually maintenance free. It is also lightweight and open-frame, making it an excellent choice for applications that require a lightweight valve. Its actuating mechanism can be powered by either pneumatic or electrical actuators, depending on the application.

Series 2000 High-Flow Capacity

The Series 2000 Pinch Valve is a manual, fully-enclosed valve for tough slurries, corrosives and chemicals. With its split body design and high flow capacity, it is an ideal choice for these tough applications. The valve is also available in a wide range of elastomers. Its design also allows it to function as a throttling control valve.

Series 2000 OV

A high-quality pinch valve can give you decades of trouble-free operation. These valves come with a self-contained screw mechanism that makes them easy to open and close. They are also packed with grease before leaving the factory. The grease nipple is on the top of the hand wheel, so you won’t have to worry about contaminating the product or getting it dirty during transport. They will stay open and closed as easily as the day they left the factory.