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Sidney Nolan

Despite being born and raised in a colonial society, Australian artist Sidney Nolan went on to become one of Australia’s leading modern artists. Known for his depictions of Australian legends and landscapes, Nolan is perhaps best known for his series of paintings featuring bushranger Ned Kelly. Known for his distinctive style, Nolan created each painting in series and frequently experimented with different materials.

Sidney Nolan began painting classical myths in Europe artlegends and the northern hemisphere in the 1960s. Although his exhibitions in London and the US received mixed reviews, they proved popular with the public and sold well. Nolan continued painting while working on stage-design projects in Europe and completing time-consuming installations. He also exhibited his works in the United States and in Europe and developed his style by painting ‘Inferno’ in the early 1960s and the Oceania triptych in 1967.

Joseph Beuys

The work of Joseph Beuys is steeped in myth and legend. As a child, he became fascinated by nature, particularly Northern myths and folklore. This fascination never waned, and he identified with particular animals as totems, believing that each animal was an incarnation of the soul. His work was also instrumental in environmental activism, and he was a founding member of the Green Party.

Many collectors have been captivated by the work of Joseph Beuys, but how does one get to know this artist? To begin with, you need to know a bit about his life. In this brief biography, he reveals his background and the materials he used in his work. In general, his work features natural materials such as wax, fat, and felt. Beuys regarded these materials as a reservoir for ideas. In addition, his figures do not appear in a stable context. They are rooted in nothingness, and they are anonymous protagonists of a universal humanity.

Marissa Quinn

Marissa Quinn is an American artist who creates intricate pen and ink drawings that tell cyclical stories about nature. Her dramatic compositions seem to be caught in space. A native of Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, she holds a Master of Fine Art degree from Azusa Pacific University. Currently, she works for Lumos Rising Tattoo on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her work is based on the legends of Hawaiian myths, including legends of the cheetah.

Marissa Quinn is an artist who has a passion for the ocean and biological illustration. As a coastal girl, she understands the ocean’s rhythms and its connection to the moon. When she returned home, she was reconnected with her surfing community. She lives in a coastal town that knows a lot about the ocean, which is a key influence in her work. While working on her art, she also devotes her time to environmental advocacy and mural projects.