Flush doors

Flush doors have an elegant look and are often used in modern and classical homes. They are simple to install and can improve the look of your home. They also come in many different styles.

Two-panel doors

If you’re looking for a modern, sleek door for your home, consider a two-panel interior door. These are available in prehung or slab form, and they have a smooth surface finish that’s ready for painting.

Wood-trim doors with glass panels

Wood-trim doors with glass panels can be a beautiful way to add visual interest to your home. They come in many styles and complement existing woodwork throughout your home. They also allow more visibility and light into your home. These doors are often sold in pairs, but you can purchase single pieces to fit any room. Wood-trim doors with glass panels are typically installed in a formal living room to let in light, but they can also be used to close off an office or patio.

Fiberglass entry doors

While solid wood and steel doors are still popular choices for most homeowners, fiberglass entry doors are a modern alternative. ThisĀ 4 panelled interior doors material provides the same structural strength as steel but is significantly lighter. Fiberglass is also bonded to its interior parts, resulting in a more durable and secure design. Besides the obvious advantages, fiberglass entry doors are also very affordable, durable, and attractive.

Steel entry doors

Steel entry doors with panelled interior doors can add an elegant touch to the exterior of a home. Available in a variety of styles, panelled doors are both secure and durable. These types of doors are also great for budget home entry remodels.

French doors with divided lites

If you’re considering a new door for your home, you may be wondering if French doors with divided lites are a good choice. Divided lites are a classic look for modern and historical homes alike. In some areas, authentic divided lites are required to meet building codes, while in others, simulated divided lites are perfectly acceptable. Fortunately, manufacturers like Rhino offer True Divided Lites, which offer an authentic look and feel.