The beaches, woodlands, and rocky cliffs of Manuel Antonio National Forest on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coastline are just one of the country’s most spectacular all-natural tourist attractions. Recognized for its biodiversity, the park is a magnet for eco-tourists, birders as well as nature enthusiasts of all kinds.

Along with its sensational rain forest, the park is house to gorgeous beaches and a marine landscape including 12 islands and also reef. With a total of 680 hectares, the park is criss-crossed with hiking routes as well as includes wildlife from three-toed sloths to white-faced capuchin monkeys.

While the park is a preferred location, site visitors require to be planned for the obstacle of hiking in this forest. The tracks are frequently steep as well as muddy as well as the woodland is thick, making it hard to move on at times. In order to minimize this, visitors are encouraged to employ an overview that will help them navigate the tracks and locate one of the most intriguing animals and plants.

The park has more than 350 bird types as well as is an amazing location for animal viewing, specifically for squirrel apes, howler monkeys, two-toed sloths, as well as other reptiles. Guests can additionally watch out for aquatic life such as dolphins and moving whales.

Manuel Antonio National Park has an one-of-a-kind mix of communities that make it one of the most biodiverse areas on the planet. The lush jungle (criss-crossed with trails) is matched by excellent beaches, mangroves and also volcanic-sedimentary rock developments.

As a result of the unbelievable variety of plants as well as animals, the park is teeming with exotic fish and also sealife and is just one of the top diving destinations worldwide. On top of that, the beaches and coral reefs bring in snorkelers.

The location around Manuel Antonio Manuel Antonio National Park was first settled by the aboriginal individuals of Costa Rica before the Spanish gotten here. Later on, the region turned into one of the earliest banana republics where the United Fruit Company exploited its land as well as native populace commercial.

Today, the area of Quepos/Manuel Antonio is a dynamic tourist town with a mix of surfers, eco-tourists, family members and regional ticos. The town’s diversity is mirrored in its dining establishments, resorts and also varied cultural occasions.

Be sure to acquire your park tickets online before checking out. There are a great deal of hucksters and also fraudsters at the park entryway so acquiring your tickets beforehand guarantees that you will be able to go into the park. This is specifically essential during the high season months of December with April, and also June with August.