Train vacation getaways

Amtrak has a variety of train vacation packages. These getaways feature hotels, entertainment, sightseeing, and more. Here are a few of the most popular. Read on to find out how you can enjoy these vacation packages and plan your own trip! If you’re planning a getaway, a train trip will definitely be one of the best ways to see the country. This is especially true for those who love to explore new cities.


Amtrak offers travelers the opportunity to experience the best of North America by rail. In addition to comfortable seating, sleeping accommodations and fine dining, this train service also provides assistance to the disabled. Amtrak offers a variety of different train vacation packages that include everything from extra leg room to travel insurance. From coast to coast, you can enjoy the scenic landscape and feel the comradery of fellow travelers on the train.

Empire Builder

For the ultimate train vacation getaway, consider the Amtrak Empire Builder. This iconic long distance train route travels from Chicago to California and the Pacific Northwest. With many destinations along the way, it’s the perfect way to see the country from a new perspective. Travelers of all ages can enjoy the ride without worrying about technology, since the Empire Builder is equipped with an observation and dining car. In addition, there are many amenities available on board.

Rocky Mountaineer

With the many benefits of a Rocky MountaineerĀ Best Rocky Mountaineer vacations train vacation, you might be wondering what it takes to book one. First, determine your budget. Do you have time to travel? Do you want to stay onboard for 2 or more days? What kind of activities would you want to enjoy while on board? Once you know the above, you can start planning your vacation. Add ons, upgrades, and transfers can be added to your trip, or you can even rent a car to explore a destination further.

Long Island Railroad

For vacationers interested in the quaint seaside towns and historic lighthouses along the Long Island Railroad’s network, there are several vacation packages to choose from. The train runs through Cold Spring Harbor, New York Penn Station, and Montauk, a beach town located three hours from Manhattan. During your stay, you can enjoy a discount coupon to shop in the town, and a cab ticket from the train station to Montauk Village.


A train vacation getaway to Montauk is the perfect way to experience the seaside town while staying within New York City’s limits. Located on Long Island, Montauk is a quick train ride from Manhattan. The town is home to many celebrity hangouts, including Montauk Brewing Company and Gig Shack. You can also sample Montauk Seafood at a local pub, where you can get a free half-pint of beer or enjoy the many bottled options. There are several restaurants in Montauk, including the popular Surf Lodge, where you can enjoy a lobster roll, overpriced cocktails, and string lights in the sand.

Atlantic City Beach

When planning a family vacation to Atlantic City Beach, you may want to consider train travel. You can take the train into the beach town for around $10 per person on a weekday. The ride takes about 90 minutes. The train terminates in the convention center and is only a short walk to the beach and the best Mexican food in town. If you’d like to be in the heart of the action, you can catch a taxi or jitney once the train arrives in Atlantic City.


Flagstaff is the perfect pit stop for the Grand Canyon. It has lots to offer for travelers, including the Lowell Observatory, which is home to the dwarf planet Pluto. Visitors to Flagstaff can visit the arboretum, a 200-acre botanical garden, and Riordan Mansion State Historic Park, a 1904 mansion with Arts and Crafts architecture. And if you’re looking for a relaxing, upscale dinner, you can try Cottage Place.