“Amadeep Steel Plant amardeepsteel.com is a leading supplier, exporter and manufacturer of mechanical goods such as tubes, sheets, plates, fittings, automatic parts, pipes, fixtures, automatic components, galvanized pipes, tubes and plates made from iron, tungsten, aluminum, steel etc.” Amadeep was established in the year 1923 by V.P. Subramanium. It has its manufacturing unit at Kolkata.

amardeep steel

“Amadeep” stands for cast iron tubes and sheet metals, which are manufactured by Amadeep Steel and Precision Steel Products Limited. Amadeep is also known as “The House of Italian Industry”, “the metal factory in India” or “the national furnace”. These products are manufactured in the following facility: Bengal Steel Mills, Ltd., Bhaskar Steel Corporation Limited, MT Industries Pvt Ltd, Unitech Ltd., Tubal Industries Ltd., Jitu Steel Plant (JSP), Steel Authority of India Ltd., HCL, Ltd., Steel and Power Division of Rail Corporation of India (SPAD), HETE Pvt Ltd, Tata Steel India Ltd.

The main products supplied by Amadeep Steel are pipe sets, tubes, galvanized steel pipes, sheet steel tubes, rods, bearings, rods & bearings, valves, fittings, clamps, pipe benders, pipe fasteners, welding rods, sheet metal benders, tubing benders, stainless steel tubes, etc. Amadeep has many clients in the Indian market. They include Unitech, MTIC, Tubal Industries, Vishwa Industries, Kalahari Iron and Steel Company Limited, Hindustan Shipyard Contractor Co. Ltd., Kalahera Steel Pvt Ltd., Steel Authority of India Ltd. and others. These customers have purchased steel tubes and pipe sets from Amadeep on numerous occasions. While some of their products are for domestic uses only, there are others, which are required for high performance and long lasting applications in aviation sector. Some examples of these applications are runway erection, aircraft carriers, warships, power boats, railroads, pipelines, deep water mining, automobile manufacturing, wind turbine blades, marine applications and others.

The quality products procured by Amadeep Steel from its many clients are renowned for their superior quality and heavy duty performance. Since their establishment in October, 1984, the Amadeep steel centre has supplied high quality products to a number of customers. These products have passed all tests and proved themselves beyond doubt. This is the reason that even today when an organization or an individual requires any of the following products, they can be sure of getting them from Amadeep Steel. Some of the common products procured from Amadeep include automotive pipes and fittings, railway metal, railway roadbed, marine applications, automotive bronze, iron and steel, iron and alloy, petroleum and lubricating oils, marine grade cylinders, rubber and plastic and many more.

The amardeep steel centre is fully covered under one of the largest MoS contract programs in India. They are fully accredited with MoS-SA certified laboratory. The entire manufacturing unit of the Amadeep steel industry is fully licensed and monitored by MoS-SA. This gives them a good safety profile, as they are not engaged in any type of dumping of toxic products or no acceptor nation in the country.

As far as the awardee steel centre is concerned, it caters to the requirements of the clients from different sectors. They have a wide range of products like pipeline and shaft clamps, heat exchangers, pipe fittings and other process equipment for all kinds of industries. You can even get their products for your automotive business and further end of the spectrum for industrial lubrication and oil refineries. If you want to be a part of this growth story, all that you need to do is contact their office. They will assist you in creating an account and further help you with the necessary procurements. They will be looking forward to hearing from you and will try to get a better idea about your requirements.

Since the inception of this facility many multinational companies like Ford, GM, Mahindra, etc. have made their presence felt in the Indian steel industry. They are building their presence at Amadeep Steel Plant. The entire plant is dedicated to the manufacture of steel products and apart from this, they also undertake other processes like hot forming and pressing, stamping and forging. They are also exploring the possibilities of using this as an ideal platform to source industrial raw materials across the globe.

They have set an example for other small players in the Indian market by producing some of the best quality products at economical prices. They have the requisite expertise and the technology to fulfill customers’ requests and expectations. With this unique blend of experience, creativity and technology they have carved a niche for themselves and have become the leading brands in the country. They have extended their services to countries like Vietnam, Pakistan and China to produce tubes and pipes of various shapes and sizes at affordable prices. They have created new opportunities for themselves and have become the best choice for engineers and other engineers looking to source their equipment. Hence, if you too want to create a growth story in your industry, try Amradeep Steel Plant and make your life easier.